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    I am looking for new leather styles for jacket

    all I see is just various colors (and these too limited as well) and various leather types (lamb, cowhide, croco, etc)

    I just came across this jacket, that has a unique style, quilted leather:

    I dont find it particularly attractive, but I do find it innovative

    there is also perforated, and distressed, but they dont appeal to me

    so, are there any other styles you have come across or you can suggest for a bespoke leather jacket?

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    Not a fan of quilted, so not a fan of quilted leather too. Saw one perforated leather jacket by Bally, and it looked awesome, it was bomber-styled, and it had a gentleman-racer appeal to me. As far as leather jackets go, I'd be content with Belstaff 4 pocket one.

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